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18 Jan


My Naturopath I go to sends great newsletters on health tips and valuable information. She posted this article source in her latest communication and I really loved it, therefore I share!
This is from an article I read years back – there is definitely some wisdom here.

[From: Inner Peace, Outer Beauty: Natural Japanese Health and Beauty Secrets Revealed, by Michelle Dominique Leigh]

Protect your skin from the sun.
Drink pure water, breathe good air, live in a clean house.
As you grow older, don’t envy the fresh blossoms of spring.
To have clear, smooth skin, care for it diligently by cleaning it completely, protecting it with loofah vinewater, and keeping a relaxed mind.
Good skin comes from a clean body, so make sure to eat foods that purify the body.
Eat the peels, rinds, and skins of fruits and vegetables.
Too much makeup pollutes the skin.
If your bad skin is inherited, you can change its condition by eating properly.
Sleep as least eight hours at night, and go to bed before eleven.
Be in love.
Be active. Get exercise. Enjoy your life.
Don’t sit around worrying.
Control your desires. Don’t always want what you can’t have. This unsatisfied yearning habit makes a woman ugly.
Accept your age and the changes in your beauty. A beautiful old woman is beautiful because her mind and spirit are wise and graceful.
At the age of forty the mind is visible on the face.
Practice facial massage every day to prevent wrinkles and ages spots, and keep the skin fresh and supple.
If you are tired or suffering from stress, you must exercise.
Eat a wide variety of foods.
Don’t complain; don’t be envious; don’t be irritated. Your health will deteriorate and your skin will look terrible.
If you shoulders are tense or stiff, you will have lines and wrinkles on your face. Practice massage.
Enjoy lovemaking. You will have glowing, shiny skin and a relaxed face.
Enjoy nature. Be tranquil and calm. Eat simple foods.
You can tighten your skin by massaging it: face, head, and neck.
If you breathe deeply, you’ll become strong and healthy, and more attractive.
Everybody gets wrinkles, but try to prevent ugly wrinkles by controlling your mind and emotions. Wrinkles are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.
Clean skin, not makeup, is the secret of beautiful skin.
If you just cleanse, nourish, and massage your skin, it will function well and look good.


that, i love. entry 1 – Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

6 Dec

I’ve decided to start logging the things once a week that I’ve fallen in love with. Not only will I just merely blog it, but I’m going to describe in every painstaking detail the best I can to convey the absolute joy it brings me. No, I’m not talking about falling in love with people because if I love you, chances are you already know it and have heard enough about it. What I’m talking about is the most random or deliberate things that make you so happy in the moment regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. Just things! Things in this world, that I am just so freakin grateful for because a) it’s released endorphins that has oozed out of my mind or b) gives me the most pleasant feeling of sensation…be it, my tangy taste buds, texture from touch or whatever. We could totally get dirty here, but let’s stay on the PG path shall we?

that, i love entry 1…

Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

That’s right. Sheets. The one you sleep on in your bed, every night, at home. Or maybe in a hotel. Where ever you are in the god damn world, just as long as they are once again: Clean. Fresh. Laundry. Sheets. Bonus if they are over 500 TC. And another bonus if you sleep with a down-fill duvet with a down fill king size pillows.

One of the chores I hate the most at home is actually changing the bed sheets. You’ve got all kinds of layers that seem endless. The cover sheet on the mattress, the mattress cover you occasionally have to clean too but not as much, the in between actual sheet itself, then the sheet cover over the duvet, and of course finally the sheet pillow cases not  just the 1 but all 4 of my pillows. That’s like 8 !@# things! And I bet if you work hard enough, with steady pace and focus you’re burning about 40 calories just changing them.

But I dare not complain..because I know, after a little bit of sweat work, all of it, ALL of it will pay off…

… once I slide my self into the Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets. The smell refreshes me entirely. It takes me away to this green fields, where I am frolicking across meadows, and in this vision I also see fuzzy sheep that smile at me and just want hugs. I take deep breaths in multiple times as I submerge myself in the cool, cold feeling of these smooth as silk sheets that envelope me with pure, unconditional love. I then proceed to roll in and plant my face deep into my sleeping pillow and let the soft down fill indent my face and mould it perfectly with my head until it decides when it wants me to sink no more.  I spread my toes and legs out making angels but only without snow, but with this God-given gift of this crazy soft egyptian cotton, allowing me to then wrap myself entirely, layering, each one by one, feeling perfectly still. Perfectly happy. Just perfect.

that, i love entry 1.

Thank your for letting me share this F’d up random joy with you.

youngabunga xo

Vegan-tly Surprised..

26 Mar
Food for Life distributes food on an internati...

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Friday was a little rough for me. Having gone through a crazy work week, a two-day team offsite where they want you to actually start paying you to really THINK and do your job better, that sort of work camp.  Then topping it off on Friday which is supposed to always be an easy day, but it’s impossible since you’re making up the time you lost and now have more work. It’s all gross. So Friday was a loss for me and I was absolutely mentally exhausted by the end and all and I could think about was a cocktail on my lips that would help me ease into the weekend.

My girlfriend Lisa and I decided we’d get together for dinner and some of the options her sister gave were quite interesting. Some restaurants I’ve been too and tried and some familiar but would never consider. But there it was on a list: VEGAN.

Yup. Vegan. I’m going to take this opportunity to confess that I’ve always had this weird notion of what vegan lifestyle was like. I understood it, sort of, but I really didn’t ‘get it’.

The definition of Veganism, I looked up in Wikipedia and here is what I found:

Veganism is the practice of eliminating the use by human beings of non-human animal products. Ethical vegans reject the commodity status of animals and the use of animal products for any purpose, while dietary vegans or strict vegetarians eliminate them from the diet only.[1]

– OK so they obviously LOVE the animals hence cannot use animals for any edible consumption. Vegans will replace animal ingredients with substitutes this includes even cow’s milk, eggs cause it comes from chickens, etc.. you get the point.

So the restaurant we hit was ‘Fressen’ on Queen West and I have to say I was very surprised. The food was tasteful, and very flavorful. They had things listed on the menu that I didn’t understand, like ‘Tempeh’- which is a kind of imitation soybean cake giving a texture that you’re eating something real ..I guess. But not bad, not bad…

I looked around and wanted to see all the people in there. You know, judge them and scream at the top of my lungs ‘Wow you are all political meat haters! Don’t you know that meat is part of our human make up to consume?! Eat MEAT!!” But of course that was extreme, and of course most of them I’m sure were there giving it a go and eating vegan food like me. No big deal, give it a try, on a diet, that sort of thing. But interesting enough, the people were all pretty lean and healthy looking. That made me go hmm.

But then.. I noticed on the menu it also excluded Gluten free items which is a derivative of wheat and flour. That just threw me off where was this all going? But then I learned that no, its’ just another dietary option they were giving to people who needed it. Because eating gluten free these days is kind of trendy and all the rage to avoid feeling bloated and tired, but more importantly for those who suffer from celiac disease and are sensitive to poor old bread since its gotten so much slack over the decade already since Atkins.  OK starting to get it..

One of the dishes that stood out for me was the Moroccan stew which was delicious! And so many other random things which none of us knew were when consuming it. It all tasted so good and I was happy.

Chris joined us late for dinner and pretty much came at the end of the meal but we did save him a whole plate of goodness from a bit of everything. When he walked in (rushed) I recalled our conversation on the phone earlier Y: “we’re doing a vegan restaurant’ C: WHY?! Y: Don’t be difficult, the majority picked it and agreed C: Ugh FML, K meet you there

And Chris ate. Then stopped half way. I knew his appetite had gone out the window when he realized his meal would not give him the satisfaction of any juicy protein meaty goodness. No pork. No beef. No Chicken. Nada. He was sad.

In conclusion:

– I will definitely eat there again when I’m on my regular yearly detox. (which is happening very soon in Spring!) Their menu was perfect with all the rules my naturopath gave me for my detox diet. I would enjoy it very much eating flavourful food and meals and feel good about what I’m putting in my body.

– Vegan food gives you gas. Well it gave me gas and Lisa confessed she was deflating all night afterwards too. Why? Think about all the beans, soy, lentils you name it all part of the meals. Your intestines will go ‘What?’ and then do its thing. But you will digest it beautifully and feel good.

– Vegan food isn’t so bad as I thought. And it’s amazing how many substitutes you can do, to make up for flavour and texture.

But I love my meat, can’t live without eggs, must have my fish and I don’t trust tofu. Amen.


Pee Weeee

12 Mar
A Tim Hortons sign in Coumbus, Ohio.

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The other night, I had a terrible experience happen to me while driving in my car. And I am still traumatized by it.

I had to answer to Mother Nature’s calling #1. Like really bad…

 no problem, however

I was STUCK in horrible- not-moving-I-want-to-kill-my-self.. TRAFFIC!!! AAGHHHH!

So, here is the deal- I work in Mississauga but I live downtown Toronto and it’s quite a distance, but I’m used to it since I’ve been doing the commute for years. And I’ve been in situations where nature does call, but I always had options, meaning I could get off the next exit and the world would be okay.

However last night, the pee Gods were not with me. Not only was I stuck in horrible traffic, but the weather was pretty crappy. It was raining, kind of snowing and foggy ect… The whole driving experience was blinded by just red lights which was the only panoramic view I could see. 

Here is what went down in my head when I thought I was going to burst. I had a couple of insane options I really was seriously considering:

1) OK this was my car, meaning I could do whatever I wanted to right? I mean who would ever know? I thought about the discomfort I would feel for 30 min, perhaps crying in my own misery all the way home. I thought about the post disinfectant drama and cleaning process. Gross, Gross, Gross. WHAT? NO WAY! I appreciated that had a moment of insanity and i could not believe that even crossed my mind. I was going clearly crazy at that point. Just crazy.  NOT an option. ugh no way shame on me for even thinking of it.

2) I could technically pull over the highway yes? You know, sneak in a little ditch no one would see me. But there was NO ditches and the fact that everyone was travelling at 10 km/hr I would be better viewing ratings than Jersey Shore, and  I would be tweeted across the universe and blasted, perhaps also included with mobile pics of me on Reddit or IMUR whatever of me in squat pose with heels. Impossible. Again another moment of desperate thoughts.

The immense physical pain and pressure of my bladder about to destruct was the most horrible feeling.

3) Option 3:  HOLD IT IN. PRAY TO GOD. MAKE A DEAL WITH HIM. I had a conversation with God and we talked, he convinced me that I made it to Kipling  and found a Tim Horton’s which was about 2 KM away he would spare me and I would make it. Option 3 was definitely it.

And I made it. I F-ing made it. All I remember is body-checking a trucker while running and opening the door to the bathroom in a roadside Tim Hortons and when I finally got in, I never felt so SAFE, so RELIEVED (literally) and so at PEACE. I saw Angels and they sang.

And because this was the worst discomfort I had felt while’ holding’ it in ever.. It totally got me thinking, as we get older, how much does our bladder change? Clearly, the seniors know something we don’t as they have trouble of course holding it every day, and the last bit of their keagle muscles do not exist. So I decided to do some quick research to better understand the facts of ‘bladder incontinence’:

  • For women, thinning and drying of the skin in the vagina or urethra, especially after menopause
  • For men, enlarged prostate gland or prostate surgery
  • Weakened and stretched pelvic muscles after childbirth
  • Certain medicines
  • Build-up of stool in the bowels
  • Overweight and obesity, which increase pressure on the bladder and muscles that control the bladder
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vascular disease
  • Diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis

Are there different types of incontinence?

Yes. There are 5 types of urinary incontinence. A brief explanation of each follows.

Stress incontinence
Stress incontinence is when urine leaks because of sudden pressure on your lower stomach muscles, such as when you cough, laugh, lift something or exercise. Stress incontinence usually occurs when the pelvic muscles are weakened, for example by childbirth or surgery. Stress incontinence is common in women.

Urge incontinence
This occurs when the need to urinate comes on very suddenly, often before you can get to a toilet. Your body may only give you a warning of a few seconds to minutes before you urinate. Urge incontinence is most common in the elderly and may be a sign of a urinary tract infection or an overactive bladder.

Overflow incontinence
This type of incontinence is the uncontrollable leakage of small amounts of urine. It’s caused by an overfilled bladder. You may feel like you can’t empty your bladder all the way and you may strain when urinating. This often occurs in men and can be caused by something blocking the urinary flow, such as an enlarged prostate gland or tumor. Diabetes or certain medicines may also cause the problem.

Functional incontinence
This type occurs when you have normal urine control but have trouble getting to the bathroom in time. You may not be able to get to the bathroom because of arthritis or other diseases that make it hard to move around.

Mixed incontinence
This type involves more than one of the types of incontinence listed above

Do more Keagle exercises to build up those muscles!

Kegel exercises

  • To locate the right muscles, try stopping or slowing your urine flow without using your stomach, leg or buttock muscles. When you’re able to slow or stop the stream of urine, you’ve located the right muscles.
  • Squeeze your muscles. Hold for a count of 10. Relax for a count of 10.
  • Repeat this 10 to 20 times, 3 times a day.
  • You may need to start slower, perhaps squeezing and relaxing your muscles for 4 seconds each and doing this 10 times, 2 times a day. Work your way up from there.

More Awesome Emergency tips to try to survive a bladder-popping episode:


Now, I need to fulfill my end of the ‘deal’ I made..


Couples Retreat..correction Reform to P90X. Our experience Logs

28 Feb


I thought I’d share our experience with everyone regarding the P90x training program.

When I first put it out there I was scared shitless. Since every single comment from users who have tried the program didn’t have one positive thing to say. Instead we got the following:

–  you will barf

–  you won’t be able to walk

–  you’re just f’n nuts

But the net response we’ve heard despite all the fears is that is that you DO get results and it DOES work!  

So Chris and I became even MORE curious as our goals are to be 100% ready, in shape, super hot and sexy for our upcoming nuptials in Maui in August. I’ve decided to suspend my gym membership until i tried this out for change..

What we bought to prepare:

– elastic band thingys x2

– chin up bar (over door frame)

– free weights his and hers

We watched the first video called ‘chest and back’ and here is what happened:

– I had a cold that I am currenlty still getting over so I figured i would just watch it to mentally prepare myself however –  I quickly pointed out to Chris that he was perfectly healthy to particpate and try it out while I watched:)

– Chris starts the exercises… and already decides that P90x guy is crazy and that we already hate him. but we can’t resist his charms on making us believe we can do this. (er.. I mean Chris)

– Chris continues to do the chest pushups alternating between different ones and choosing this ‘number’ goal

– Chris managed to do only 50% of what was asked. Not a bad start really given that he is starting out from scratch at this point.

– Chris’s chest at the end of the session was bulging and super toned. I have to admit that the blazing veins that popped out of his skin and arms made him automatically super hot (not that my honey isn’t hot already but come on, we ladies LOVE muscles!) I was sold so far.

So I NOW understood how this program works. You push push push yourself until you cannot push no more. The concept here is muscle shock. You just keep going until you want to die. and then you continue after you die some more. This method allows the fibers in your muscle to tear so when it repairs you get growth and results. Muscle is the ultimate fat burner and the end of the day. Now, ladies I don’t want to get ripped or look anything near a greasy steriod pumping competitor woman. That is not my goal. I do believe that however this method will indeed get me quite toned and turn fat into muscle in which will result in a lean, mean, still feminine machine, which sounds just lovely.

– I decide that I will loathe the program but now I’m excited to start as soon as my chest cough and cold disappears.

– Chris was extremely uncomfortable the next morning, only managing to eat small meals due to pain. I could only comfort at this point and just imagine what will happen to me.

On to next week’s log.. when we officially start!


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