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junk but not in my trunk.

28 Apr
Logo of the band "The Junk Bonds" Po...

Logo of the band "The Junk Bonds" Português: logotipo da banda "The Junk Bonds" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m yawning as I type this. I’m so tired, but this post is a very welcomed escape from my current reality right now.

I am de-cluttering, cleaning, re-organizing, purging, our place to prepare it for our home showings next week as it’s going on the market pronto.

What they call ‘staging’ the house at best and we’re the ones behind the curtains running around screaming, making sure every single detail is showcased, highlighted and centre-staged and spot-lighted.

I’ve been complaining all day to myself and Chris how much I hate all this. How much I loathe going through junk and re-sorting items painfully as if I were separating green M&Ms from the rainbow spectrum for Mariah Carey or something.  Chris groans too throughout the day, having many cigarette breaks more than usual or  taking his sweet-arse time in the bathroom as  if his life depended on it. But no fooling me, I know what he’s avoiding as much as possible!

But we team it up. We step up our game. We remind ourselves that we’re MOVING into our next great home and this is peanut pain compared to the exciting future of us getting our new house. OUR new place! Not mine, or his, but the one we found together in our painful adventure of house hunting in the city of Toronto.  Yes I say, YES! And I slap myself and get my ass moving, back to cleaning, sorting, purging, staging.

But before I do that, I realize that I’m surrounded by junk. So much of it. The pile at my 3 o’clock are old pictures, some in frames, albums and some loose. I am 15 years old in that picture and I am hugging my best friend in highschool whom I don’t talk to anymore. The pile at one o’clock is a love letter that Chris found, but not his to me, instead it’s from a dysfunctional ex-boyfriend that I somehow kept. We read it out loud together and we have a good laugh cause it’s so absurd how different our lives are right now from memory lane. We honour it then decide its garbage and toss it goes.

I find photo’s of my brother and me from our childhood, my parents who seem ageless at that the time, helping me blow out candles for my 8th birthday. So this is not all junk. These are treasures.

The junk is clearly the left pile, where I spend $6.99 apparently on a package of Feng shui candles or the loads of Christmas cards, 6 different kinds of boxes that I will never use again, as those were all ready given away to friends. How lame would it be to keep them and forget by re-sending the same card that they received in the Christmas of 2008?! Maybe for laughs I’ll just do that. And why do I have a bag of 8 small wheel things?! Do they belong to some piece of furniture? Why did I keep these? There must be some reason…

And so I end this blog by getting myself back to work! I search for coconut water to get my electrolytes going as I have 2 more rooms to conquer!

So I will get back to putting the pieces of my personal timeline from the days of grade school, highschool, divorces and ex-BFs behind. Some to be never seen again and some to be kept safe for a life time. Despite the hate on for the work I must do right now, I’ve somehow found happiness in all this as a spiritual exercise of getting rid of the old, being so grateful with the present, and all of this and more so that I can envision our exciting future together!


youngabunga xo


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