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19 Jun
English: Hua Shou. Expression of the fourteen ...

English: Hua Shou. Expression of the fourteen meridians. (Tokyo, 1716). http://www.nlm.nih.gov/exhibition/historicalanatomies/Images/1200_pixels/hua_t08.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK no joke. Some crazy shit has been happening to me in the last few weeks.

– took possession of our new house on Friday.
– all kinds of excitement over the weekend.
– been stressed at work, it’s the season c’est usual.
– been dealing with kinds of banking and legal stuff to get our house in order and closing of our current place.

But that isn’t the cray-cray shit that has really been going on. It’s been my HEAD. My poor little head has been suffering in the last week, like EVERY day these amazing, awesome, headaches, combined with an annoying ear pressure feeling. I kept popping my ears all week to release to insane pressure that was making my head so tense and heavy. Not a migraine. Not sinus . I’ve taken all the drugs, nada help.  All ruled out by my medical doctor today. He looked at me, checked all my eyes and motor skills and said “I don’t know what is wrong with you, come back in a week and MRI is last resort”. That was disappointing cause I want answers.

On top of that in the last 48 hours I stubbed my big toe on a closet door. The pain was so immense, I cried like a baby. And then this morning that same poor F-ing toe got an ass kick as my heavy wooden back brush LANDED on it. I cried not like a baby but like a bitch, like a wailing bitch, in fetal position not being able to breathe.  My husband thought I was being attacked by someone in the house and scared the living day lights out of him. (mind you all this went down at 6AM this morning.. poor guy). So I’ve been high on Advil today. (Oh and may I add, I had to wear heels today and present to 40 customers and look normal) .

Back to my headache…cause I couldn’t care less about my toe compared to the craziness this head issue is causing me. I always go to my acupunturist in Chinatown when I feel nothing else will help and it becomes my last resort. Really she should always be my first resort, I guess I just kind of hate needles.

This is what happened:

She did the craziest thing. She pricked my middle finger with a needle and kept pushing out the blood and squeezing it. I didn’t know what she was doing but she kept asking me if the pressure in my head was releasing. And I couldn’t believe it, after a while the pressure started actually getting less and less. Something definitely in my head was changing! She claimed that I had bad blood stuck in my circulation and it was causing my head pressure not to be released. The Chinese know their shit.

Then she had me lay face down while she pin-headed me all over my neck and head and hand on all my pressure points where I was feeling tension. I must have had about 20 needles. I lay there for 30 min under a heat lamp while my headache slowly was evolving. All the blood was rushing down to my head since I was face down so I couldn’t really tell what was going on. All I know is that I couldn’t move a muscle. If I fidgeted,  it hurt a lot because the needles were hitting my pressure points and it was SO sensitive, so basically I had to be paralyzed and lay still completely…that part was really hard.

The result?

I feel waaaaaay better. Like, I couldn’t be happier right now. The pressure is much lighter, the feeling of any release at this point, from a week of feeling like ass, it the greatest feeling right now. I have to come back for one more session this weekend, and I’m convinced I’ll be 100% again. I had to blog about this experience and share it with you all.


Youngabunga xo

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