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18 Jan


My Naturopath I go to sends great newsletters on health tips and valuable information. She posted this article source in her latest communication and I really loved it, therefore I share!
This is from an article I read years back – there is definitely some wisdom here.

[From: Inner Peace, Outer Beauty: Natural Japanese Health and Beauty Secrets Revealed, by Michelle Dominique Leigh]

Protect your skin from the sun.
Drink pure water, breathe good air, live in a clean house.
As you grow older, don’t envy the fresh blossoms of spring.
To have clear, smooth skin, care for it diligently by cleaning it completely, protecting it with loofah vinewater, and keeping a relaxed mind.
Good skin comes from a clean body, so make sure to eat foods that purify the body.
Eat the peels, rinds, and skins of fruits and vegetables.
Too much makeup pollutes the skin.
If your bad skin is inherited, you can change its condition by eating properly.
Sleep as least eight hours at night, and go to bed before eleven.
Be in love.
Be active. Get exercise. Enjoy your life.
Don’t sit around worrying.
Control your desires. Don’t always want what you can’t have. This unsatisfied yearning habit makes a woman ugly.
Accept your age and the changes in your beauty. A beautiful old woman is beautiful because her mind and spirit are wise and graceful.
At the age of forty the mind is visible on the face.
Practice facial massage every day to prevent wrinkles and ages spots, and keep the skin fresh and supple.
If you are tired or suffering from stress, you must exercise.
Eat a wide variety of foods.
Don’t complain; don’t be envious; don’t be irritated. Your health will deteriorate and your skin will look terrible.
If you shoulders are tense or stiff, you will have lines and wrinkles on your face. Practice massage.
Enjoy lovemaking. You will have glowing, shiny skin and a relaxed face.
Enjoy nature. Be tranquil and calm. Eat simple foods.
You can tighten your skin by massaging it: face, head, and neck.
If you breathe deeply, you’ll become strong and healthy, and more attractive.
Everybody gets wrinkles, but try to prevent ugly wrinkles by controlling your mind and emotions. Wrinkles are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings.
Clean skin, not makeup, is the secret of beautiful skin.
If you just cleanse, nourish, and massage your skin, it will function well and look good.


T+365 Days Older than Last Year. Meh. I am wiser.

31 May
Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.

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I woke up on Saturday morning the day of my birthday feeling somewhat refrained. I can’t explain it really. Let me try. I FELT like jumping out of bed super early! Enjoying a refreshing shower!  Then making myself a glorious breakfast with 2 poached eggs, topped with my wicked hollandaise secret sauce and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee on my humble patio deck, watching the stupid squirrels eat away at my tulip bulbs. Of course this is how I felt like but it was only in my head.

INSTEAD, I slept in all the way until noon, stole all the sheets from Chris, didn’t take a shower until much later and decided I was definitely going to go out for brunch and instead purchase the perfect coffee made fresh for me at some espresso bar on Queen West. Much better plan indeed. It’s my birthday biaatches!

I was 365 days older than last year and I wasn’t sure how I really felt. It was an anti-climatic notion of coming to age, just another one yet again. But why so blahzay this round? Was it the number 33? It’s not really that sexy is it now? I mean turning 30 was freaking awesome and then there was 31 and then 32, all still bad ass where I felt like I ruled the world and remembered how I would never have traded that age even with a 25 year old! But 33? Meh.

It’s funny when we all celebrate brand new ‘years’ starting on Jan 1st’s.. I never really felt that New Year’s Eve was truly the beginning of a spanking new year at all but instead it was always on my birthdays each year, that felt like the ‘real’ reset-your-self milestone for me. You know..for fresh starts, new ideas and fabulous goals with all the right and good intentions.

My good friend the other night made a toast to me in front of a few people. She said ‘ To Young- a lucky woman who still gets ID carded from time to time, a wonderful human being and friend who is much wiser beyond her years at 33 than she should be and we are lucky to know her”.  Wow, I was super-duper  flattered and blushing at that point to have such positive and generous words thrown at me. But I couldn’t help but think about what she said. Wiser? I had to reflect on that one for a bit more..

OK fine I do feel wiser. In fact so much so that I find myself at times being the over bearing motherly BFF full of so-called wise advice as I watch some of them go through train wrecks and repeat the drama I remember bitching about a few years ago. Freak,  its the weirdest feeling I tell you! It’s like watching a bad movie you disliked, but you have to watch it again  and can’t help calling out some of the next scenes you know are going to happen and you scream ‘NOoooooOOOooo don’t do that girlfriend, he is a douche and you’re so much better than him!” I’ve learned a few things.

I think you know what I’m saying.

Anyhoo, back to being a bit older and yes wiser!

And what have I learned in the past year between age of 32 and 33? My wisdom to share is this:

  • The heel shoe grips you buy at shoppers the gel transparent kind really sucks on suede so don’t waste your money. It don’t stick.
  • Being kind as you can to tell your neighbour upstairs with the wild thumping children to stop doesn’t work unless you look him straight in the eye and say “your family is ruining the quality of my F life!” but with a big smile (That is quite effective)
  • Ice cream is soooo more fun to eat when the it’s inside the japanese/korean sweet dumpling shells. (OMG, you’ll thank me. You can find them at any Korean grocery store and come in many flavours)
  • The man you love will only stop bad habits when he gets some serious praise for very mundane changes on improvement. (really)
  • It’s OK to not keep up folding on your ridiculous piling laundry and letting it grow for a while. It just reminds you of how much clothes you really have and don’t need
  • Your metabolism does quit on you and tells you to F off after a while. Unavoidable you need to work harder.

WISDOM yeah!

And the biggest thing that tells me I definitely indeed got wiser? I ran into one of my ex’s the other day and instantly realized how much WISER (like a genius a-ha moment) I got the moment I got rid of him. Good riddens.

That’s wisdom kids.






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