that, i love entry 2- Arctic Char Ceviche

13 Dec

Things I love continue, part deux! I’ve now realized that I need to start documenting all moments of endearment and happiness as it happens in real time. I might be laughing at something, eating something, whatever I’m doing, I realized if I don’t log it on my phone its poof.. gone from my mind and as I get older (arrgh) it takes me a while to recall things. But this entry I can tell you, no logging was required, as it stayed with me all night, before I went to bed, and still cherished it in the morning when I woke up.

Last night my husband and I had dinner with an good friend and her lovely fiancee, both visiting from out of town. We recommended Foxley Bistro Restaurant on Ossington. It IS hands down one of my favorite restaurants in the city of Toronto. Every time Chris and I eat there, it never disappoints and is always so god damn good.

It’s asian-fushion tapas style and they always have that smack down right. Every dish there is full of strong wonderful flavours, be it a million diced up shallots caramelized in duck confit, spread over duck breast with sweet soy or how about the pork belly braised until its fat becomes super crispy and has soaked in all the sauce and marinade, leaving you with this salty, buttery taste as it breaks apart in your mouth. I can go on and on. But there is particularity ONE dish at this restaurant that I find myself actually salivating when I think about it. And this, behold, makes entry 2 on my ‘that, i love’ list.

The Arctic Char Ceviche.

Holy dish it is.

When it comes to you at your table, the bright orange florescence of the fish is highlighted by the beautiful gold liquid oil it’s been slowly immersed in, just bathing, having a great time as it knows, its so teasing you, and you can’t resist. Surrounding it, is chopped fresh ginger, finely diced green onion and very, very, thin twig like apple slices just piled on top like a camp side fire.

When you pick up one of the char pieces, each piece is thin and wide. Thinner than a typical sashimi slice, but has that that same texture, just smoother with the oils and at room temperature in your mouth. And it drapes over your chopstick like beautiful blanket.

And the incredible FLAVOUR when it touches your mouth! You get this EXPLOSION of pungent ginger, sweet tangy sourly apple and the sharp savoury green onions on your taste buds mixed all together, like some kind of perfect harmony song. At first, you cannot believe this is happening to you because its nothing like you’ve ever tasted. I almost believe that the combination of these flavours is a some evil genius who created them, knowing that you’d be hooked for life and a slave to it forever.

And a slave I have become of it. And I don’t mind. We, don’t mind. We’ve been trying to figure out each ingredient if we dare try replicating it at home. But me thinks we should not attempt it because I know that the utter joy I feel every time I eat it is one of my favorite things in this world, and if I were to F it up with my own sad version of it, then… ugh I cannot even think it.

The Arctic Char Cheviche at Foxleys, that I love, entry 2.


Youngabunga xoxo


that, i love. entry 1 – Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

6 Dec

I’ve decided to start logging the things once a week that I’ve fallen in love with. Not only will I just merely blog it, but I’m going to describe in every painstaking detail the best I can to convey the absolute joy it brings me. No, I’m not talking about falling in love with people because if I love you, chances are you already know it and have heard enough about it. What I’m talking about is the most random or deliberate things that make you so happy in the moment regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. Just things! Things in this world, that I am just so freakin grateful for because a) it’s released endorphins that has oozed out of my mind or b) gives me the most pleasant feeling of sensation…be it, my tangy taste buds, texture from touch or whatever. We could totally get dirty here, but let’s stay on the PG path shall we?

that, i love entry 1…

Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

That’s right. Sheets. The one you sleep on in your bed, every night, at home. Or maybe in a hotel. Where ever you are in the god damn world, just as long as they are once again: Clean. Fresh. Laundry. Sheets. Bonus if they are over 500 TC. And another bonus if you sleep with a down-fill duvet with a down fill king size pillows.

One of the chores I hate the most at home is actually changing the bed sheets. You’ve got all kinds of layers that seem endless. The cover sheet on the mattress, the mattress cover you occasionally have to clean too but not as much, the in between actual sheet itself, then the sheet cover over the duvet, and of course finally the sheet pillow cases not  just the 1 but all 4 of my pillows. That’s like 8 !@# things! And I bet if you work hard enough, with steady pace and focus you’re burning about 40 calories just changing them.

But I dare not complain..because I know, after a little bit of sweat work, all of it, ALL of it will pay off…

… once I slide my self into the Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets. The smell refreshes me entirely. It takes me away to this green fields, where I am frolicking across meadows, and in this vision I also see fuzzy sheep that smile at me and just want hugs. I take deep breaths in multiple times as I submerge myself in the cool, cold feeling of these smooth as silk sheets that envelope me with pure, unconditional love. I then proceed to roll in and plant my face deep into my sleeping pillow and let the soft down fill indent my face and mould it perfectly with my head until it decides when it wants me to sink no more.  I spread my toes and legs out making angels but only without snow, but with this God-given gift of this crazy soft egyptian cotton, allowing me to then wrap myself entirely, layering, each one by one, feeling perfectly still. Perfectly happy. Just perfect.

that, i love entry 1.

Thank your for letting me share this F’d up random joy with you.

youngabunga xo

Inspiring Perspiration

2 Nov

Ok its been a long time. In fact I tried logging in to post my neglected blog and I f’n forgot my password. Then it locked me out and I had to do the wInspirationhole reset bullshit thing. So I get it, I get it, it’s been way too long.

But here I am now! Reading my last post, it was ‘operation skinny bitch’ where I was t-4 weeks to get married. I’m happy to report that the wedding was nothing less than amazing and beautiful. OK it was perfect and we are still patting ourselves in the back for making the best decision we made- on eloping! It was so very spiritual, intimate and so special, it was … well, us. I can’t even share my joys about the most amazing honeymoon in Maui and Lanai, it was better than I even imagined and now we both have settled into our merry ways and just enjoying life very happily.

And so now I am a, well.. MRS. I cannot ever get used to that.  It just came and arrived and now I’m married. We celebrated our reception with friends and family back at home and threw a great party! I’ve never felt so excited to wake up and look at each other that morning of our reception and say “we’re just going to see all our favorite people tonight at a cool venue and throw an awesome party!” Completely stress-free and just excitement. The result: We were all drunk, happy and hilariously in good company. We can’t thank our friends and family enough on making it so special for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now, on to the topic at hand, now that we got up to speed!

Over a month ago, something magnificent happened to me. I was INSPIRED. The kind of inspiration that makes you sweat. And it was the best kind of inspiration because I was feeling quite good about life. You know the feeling where you think you’re in a good place, or perhaps a great place and then something or someone opens your eyes and makes you see a different kind of LIGHT? And you re-evaluate your place in life and just realize there is sooo much more out there for you? It then became an extension of the good life. Sometimes, each of us need a refreshing life-shower of some kind. The kind that wakes you up because it’s so REFRESHINGLY COOL and delicious, because you’ve been thirsty for so long and had almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s just what you need.

It happened at a media industry event. My friend invited me to  accompany her as she had plans to reunite with an old friend she hadn’t seen in over 12 years. Sounded great, as I could always use a drink anytime. And when I first walked in my eyes kind of rolled as I realized I had just entrapped myself to be with egotistical, arrogant media-rich people who blah blah blah’s the usual irritation out of me. I judge too quickly when I’m not drunk yet. I do apologize.

But I wasn’t completely right, I instead met some of the most fascinating people that evening.

I was, well surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs. All with stories of rags to riches, stories of I-used-to-eat-kraft dinner to now I’m-buying-this-$300-bottle-of-Champagne-because-I-can.

And it was so exhilarating to hear them share with me their journey. I was glued to them, because I wanted to absorb all that was wise and experienced coming from their mouths. When I finally  shared with one entrepreneur gentleman my own passion of starting my own organic skin-care line they jumped on me like white on rice and YELLED at me that I HAD to TAKE RISK, HAVE TO JUMP. HAVE TO NOT BE SCARED. DO IT!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had the most fierce and intense look and he stared right into my retina as he got his message in my brain.

I was listening. Intently. Nodding.

Our chat turned into a 2 hour conversation. Even his PR people were hounding him to leave as they had another social business obligation to attend  But he didn’t leave me just yet, as he made it very clear to his people that this conversation with me was way too important and that he just might be influencing me to change my life, change my thinking.. change my fears into dreams. It really was one of the best conversations of my life that I will never forget and I will always be grateful for it.

Time to time, we all need a little kick in the butt, a little dunk in cold water, maybe hot water. I just needed inspiring encouragement and I was lucky to have found it that evening.

And so my little business project begins. On the side, while I enjoy my current career day job, which I love doing as a marketer. But I’m going for more. I’m going to experiment, take risks, and just enjoy the process of both failures and successes as I see my side project through. But most of I’m having FUN as passion brings better adventures that add so much more, it’s an extension of me but only better!

Thank you Mr. Inspiring Entrepreneur man from that odd evening. If I become a multi-millionaire, I will invite you on my Board of Directors as I have your card. I hope that you read about me one day  in O-magazine and you can take significant credit for my self-discovery.. just not all of it!




skinny bitch. T-4 weeks.

10 Jul

I cannot believe I’m getting married in 4 weeks. I mean where in the world did fall, winter, spring go that let us to this day as I type these words with t-4 weeks left until we say ‘I do’! Crazy.

But I’m so excited!, WE’RE excited. Everyday I’m reminding Chris that soon we’ll be in Maui getting married at Sunset then surfing plenty on the waves and the only thing we’ll need to worry about is not bringing enough sunblock. Life is good my friends when this just might be the only issue we’re concerned about. When we talk about it, and count down the days, we’ve got a whimsical grin on our face and are smiling from ear to ear. It’s pretty cute.

And so this means in the last 6 weeks I’ve been reminding myself that I’ve got to get my butt into shape to be confident in a bikini-ready bod that I’d be proud enough to flaunt. Late night dinners caught up to me, laziness and excuses took the best of me in the last year. And so the plan began:

– Gym at least 3 times a week. Circuit train my ass off, focus on the abs, tone tone tone
– Cardio through jogging outside minimum 3 km don’t stop. Do the route down hidden streets of Queen West.
– Eat super healthy no more greasy egg sandwiches in the AM, only fruit in the morning, a lot more veggies on plate at lunch and dinners, and way less heavy meats and carbs
– Perspective. Remembering that all this will be worth it while I put on that scandally clad white bikini and say damn I feel good!! and make Chris’s eye balls pop on how lucky he is 😉

I remember when I had to go through occasional phases to lose weight in my twenties and it was so freakin easy with my blessed-then metabolism. But now in my 30’s we ladies know how much harder we have to work to shed lbs and tone up. The metabolism cards were used up and the body Gods have said no more free tickets. Ugh!

The other day at the gym I was hard at work, doing some back row lifts working on my Lattissirrus Dorsi’s of course when I saw her. HER. I hated her the first moment I saw her. My mouth dropped and I stared at her for a good 2 minutes looking like  .. well an idiot and I’m sure pretty creepy too.

She was asian, looked like chinese maybe Vietnamese. Tanned like me, I could tell we had the same type of melanin skin type that if she were outside for 10 min, it would be super easy to get colour and be gold at will. Long black shiny healthy asian hair, the kind I used to have in my twenties, which then I assumed she was about 23-25 years old and about 5″5 in height.  The reason why I was staring at her was because of her unbelievable, tight, toned, fit, HOT BODY. I mean she looked great. The tightest and firmest ass I’ve seen on an actual asian woman. (we are known for flat asses it’s true) As she stood there flicking her beautiful hair, laughing and flirting with what looked like a friendly stranger, her stance just highlighted her amazing defined triceps and her super toned abdominals which peaked through her cropped workout tank-top. (The kind that only the super confident look-at-me-biatches ladies wear at the gym, when they know how great they look).

God I was jealous.

She reminded me so much of how I used to feel about myself and body image when I was her age. I remember my gym obsession, working out regularly with my very fit boyfriends at the time and being super disciplined about it. At that moment, I couldn’t help but glance at the mirror and look at myself and compare, how far (and I don’t mean progress) I’ve come to my physical state today.  So much potential I murmured to myself had if I only I had stuck through it. I’m so lame should have, should have…

As I was gawking at HER, she notices right away and catches me staring and clearly she understands me. With unspoken words, she sends a telepathic response to me that says “Oh honey, yes I know, I’m hot as shit. Its hard managing all this attention but I do love it I must say. I know what you’re thinking, you want this. Not me of course but all this. You’re jealous and I ain’t mad”

Then, at that point she decides she is going to remove the outer layer of her tank and just wear the workout bra. And that is when I lost my shit.

I then kicked into full mode like I was in some trance. I up’d the weights by 10-15 more lbs that I normally did, then also added 5 more reps to each set thereafter. All of sudden, I thought I was Zena and I was going to show HER and say “Just because I’m like 10 years older than you, don’t mean I can’t get my body back!!!”

But I knew how much work I’d need to do. And 6 weeks wasn’t enough time. But enough to get me hopefully half way to my real goal.

So whoever you are hot asian lady at my gym. I will call you skinny bitch for now because I can and because I’m super jealous. I’d like to thank you for motivating me in the right direction. Thank you for reminding me what I lost so I can attempt with good will and some power to get it all back. Oh thy work.

When I got home, I told Chris all about skinny bitch and how much she motivated me to whip my ass into shape and how she telepathically told me off  and got really competitive again on how fit I could actually be and that I CAN reach my goals if I just stick it to. He laughed at me like I was 12 years old and thought it was really cute that I was jealous of complete and total stranger. Whatever I say.

Moral of the story is, Skinny Bitches help us in unintentional ways, that by example one is capable of doing all the same healthy and hard work things as her. Work out,  eat well, stick with it, be sexy, flick your hair if you want to and flirt with men because it feels good for your ego and feels so powerful! So far I’ve lost 2lbs.. more muscle less fat 🙂

Thank you skinny bitch where ever you are (probably at the gym) I will re-surface once again and also wear the same cropped-workout tank as you one day but of course in a different colour.


Youngabunga XO

Fail Camp.

12 Jun
Fail Blog

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Last week at the office, I had the opportunity to attend a very interesting session called “Fail Camp”. FAIL CAMP? Ah yes let me explain: the notion of sharing with others (your colleagues in this case) your past failures be it work or personal related stories of where you thought you were hashtag WINNING, but netted out in a big moment. I thought this was interesting. And why were we doing this? Well, we should all know that one cannot learn or grow unless you learning from your past stupid mistakes, or lack of better judgement calls, and just really bad decisions that make you say DOH! The point was to share, so we could all learn from examples and not be afraid of taking more risks.

And so I sat there in the crowd, thinking to myself, God d0 I really have any failure stories to share out loud? I mean I’m a winner, I never fail,  so peace I’m out of here…but not so fast.

Which brings me to my next sub-topic of  to ‘inhumed’ a unpleasant memory and to just F’n bury it..deep, deep down in to that spot in your brain so you will never ever want to remember again…

Of course I’ve had sooooo many failures. God so many. I just buried them deep into my sub-conscious never wanting to realize them due to super duper embarrassment, my precious ego that is just way so ‘sensitive’ and really because failing at anything is just so anti-intuitive for my perfectionist-striving-self.  Nah, that is B.S, I’m not really a perfectionist at all, but a typical person who just doesn’t want to remember the fails, be it professional or personal. Let’s just for-get-aaa-bout-it ya?

I starting to think REAL HARD. Failures.. Failures.. wha happon? When? I couldn’t think of one ..come on?! And I realized at that moment, how good I think people are forgetting memories of just pure gross embarrassment, traumatic moments when you prayed for that time-machine rewind button so badly and was so upset that no one invented it yet. Human beings suppress them, and naturally hide them forever and say never again will I remember you Mr. big ass failure.

The truth is of course failing at anything does makes you wiser and some of us just don’t realize it yet (the young ones). And because I’ve failed so much in my life, I’m super wise now!

I’m going to share one of the failing moment stories that I did share in that session with everyone. And now I share with you all, because why not just laugh at my quirky self and stupid-ness for your pure entertainment.

The Wha Happon:

I was about 19-21 years old (gee can’t remember) and I was working out at Bally’s gym (not even sure if they are around anymore) and they had this indoor awesome running track, super cool. And there he was. HIM. The guy in my economics class. Johnny was his name. He was super cute, smart, just plain hot and gave me the heeby jeeby feeling every time he smiled. And he was at MY GYM?! Wooooot! Game on! I got this.

The plan- was to keep jogging my laps and pass him, perhaps give me a smile, you know get him to notice me. And I remember feeling pretty confident and in great shape-fit back then. I looked good in those racerback workout tops, my abs were in existence, my body and frame slim and athletic back in the day. I was 19 and hawt shit.  And I hated running, but for Johnny to notice me, I ran:

Lap 1- don’t look at him in the eyes, because I’m too cool for school and focused and will keep jogging…
Lap 2 OK look at him this time. Smile. Give him my best smile. He smiles back.
Lap 3- Semi-smile. I’m still too cool again. Can’t look like I’m trying. Him: A slightly turned.. Awkward smile. (huh?)
Lap 4- Him: Still awkward smile and looks confused. Guy friend next to him also shares the same face. Me: weird. what is going on? Maybe he doesn’t know or recognize me anymore? He’s confused. I’m THE GIRL IN YOUR CLASS! Come one notice meeeeeee!
Lap 5- I pass again and I stop. I’m so tired and cannot do another one and try to catch my breath. I am sweating.

And then it happens. He is approaching me, YES, he is coming to say hi and it will all happen right now. He will allude to hanging out, asking me out perhaps and we will date, yes we will date, he will try and court and swoon me. It will all happen right now. Amazing! But I noticed when he was walking toward me he was holding something in his hand. It was white… it was a towel but not..what was it?. sure whatever.

With this strange and awkward look in his eyes, sympathetic tone in voice he whispers ‘hey.. Young right? pssst, I think you dropped this while you were running” I looked down and instantly wanted to die. I wanted to die right there, at the gym in, on the track. Just DIE.

He handed me a bra. MY bra.

That’s right folks. A bra was apparently stuck to the back of my workout pant, from the dryer when I pulled out my gym clothes while rushing. The whole FREAKING  time while I did lap 1, 2… to 5. This F’n BRA was statically clinging for life as it tried to hold on to me as I galloped across the tracks, until it could not hold on anymore and was saved by its hero Johnny, who managed to claim to quickly and give back to its rightful owner.

And no we never did end up dating. In fact. I completely avoided him all year, I was so embarrassed and just wanted to believe it never happened, I never liked him and I never really was at the gym that day because it was all a bad dream and nightmare.

When I shared this story back at the work session, I got a round of applause from everyone. 1) because  it’s just so god damn funny and 2) way to go Young on sharing such a personal story un-related to anything professional we will ever talk about. I have to admit, it felt good to dig that up again and tell it, I don’t think I remember ever telling that story to anyone but a few peeps. It’s been a while.

I repeated this story to my very good and wise friend Debs who was in town from San Fran for a visit this weekend. She was howling, laughing so hard, in which I joined her until my stomach started cramping from hard-core laughter. It was hilarious. What did I learn from this you ask? How did I grow? Well, I told everyone in the session : The lesson is boys and girls, ALWAYS check yourself, no matter how much of a rush you are in. Look in the mirror, do a 360 turn around, look at your ass, check yourself out and say Damn I look good, or Damn there is a f-ing bra stuck on my leg and I best to take it off before I run into hot boys that I’m trying to impress like Johnny.

Debs, after coming down from a natural high said something that got me thinking all weekend. She said you know why I love you so much and think you are so awesome? “No Deb’s do enlighten me.” “Girl you take RISKS. THAT’S HOW YOU LEARN, and GROW!” What risk? – The Risk of me trying out a strategy of getting a boy to notice me, by doing laps of running to get his attention, when you don’t even run and hate running! I laughed because she was so right. I only decided to jog with the intention of talking to Johnny and hated every lap. And I surely succeeded in that he indeed spoke to me and noticed, but miserably failed on my goal. It’s so hilarious that memory, and now I love sharing the story.

And now I can say with clarity from all this, we all take risks to succeed, with the hopes to win. Any investment we ever consider, any gamble we take, doing anything uncomfortable, or doing anything that you’ve never done before, or hasn’t been done before is all in hopes that you will come out a winner on the other end. But when we fail, yup you didn’t succeed, but I could have perhaps if I didn’t have that bra stuck to my leg, Johnny and I could have had a chance if I had just gotten over my pride-silly-self. Oh when I was young… (no pun).

Fail camp is awesome. May your failures guide you and may you fail greatly only to remember them and just never to repeat it again. But really only if you can laugh about it after.



T+365 Days Older than Last Year. Meh. I am wiser.

31 May
Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.

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I woke up on Saturday morning the day of my birthday feeling somewhat refrained. I can’t explain it really. Let me try. I FELT like jumping out of bed super early! Enjoying a refreshing shower!  Then making myself a glorious breakfast with 2 poached eggs, topped with my wicked hollandaise secret sauce and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee on my humble patio deck, watching the stupid squirrels eat away at my tulip bulbs. Of course this is how I felt like but it was only in my head.

INSTEAD, I slept in all the way until noon, stole all the sheets from Chris, didn’t take a shower until much later and decided I was definitely going to go out for brunch and instead purchase the perfect coffee made fresh for me at some espresso bar on Queen West. Much better plan indeed. It’s my birthday biaatches!

I was 365 days older than last year and I wasn’t sure how I really felt. It was an anti-climatic notion of coming to age, just another one yet again. But why so blahzay this round? Was it the number 33? It’s not really that sexy is it now? I mean turning 30 was freaking awesome and then there was 31 and then 32, all still bad ass where I felt like I ruled the world and remembered how I would never have traded that age even with a 25 year old! But 33? Meh.

It’s funny when we all celebrate brand new ‘years’ starting on Jan 1st’s.. I never really felt that New Year’s Eve was truly the beginning of a spanking new year at all but instead it was always on my birthdays each year, that felt like the ‘real’ reset-your-self milestone for me. You know..for fresh starts, new ideas and fabulous goals with all the right and good intentions.

My good friend the other night made a toast to me in front of a few people. She said ‘ To Young- a lucky woman who still gets ID carded from time to time, a wonderful human being and friend who is much wiser beyond her years at 33 than she should be and we are lucky to know her”.  Wow, I was super-duper  flattered and blushing at that point to have such positive and generous words thrown at me. But I couldn’t help but think about what she said. Wiser? I had to reflect on that one for a bit more..

OK fine I do feel wiser. In fact so much so that I find myself at times being the over bearing motherly BFF full of so-called wise advice as I watch some of them go through train wrecks and repeat the drama I remember bitching about a few years ago. Freak,  its the weirdest feeling I tell you! It’s like watching a bad movie you disliked, but you have to watch it again  and can’t help calling out some of the next scenes you know are going to happen and you scream ‘NOoooooOOOooo don’t do that girlfriend, he is a douche and you’re so much better than him!” I’ve learned a few things.

I think you know what I’m saying.

Anyhoo, back to being a bit older and yes wiser!

And what have I learned in the past year between age of 32 and 33? My wisdom to share is this:

  • The heel shoe grips you buy at shoppers the gel transparent kind really sucks on suede so don’t waste your money. It don’t stick.
  • Being kind as you can to tell your neighbour upstairs with the wild thumping children to stop doesn’t work unless you look him straight in the eye and say “your family is ruining the quality of my F life!” but with a big smile (That is quite effective)
  • Ice cream is soooo more fun to eat when the it’s inside the japanese/korean sweet dumpling shells. (OMG, you’ll thank me. You can find them at any Korean grocery store and come in many flavours)
  • The man you love will only stop bad habits when he gets some serious praise for very mundane changes on improvement. (really)
  • It’s OK to not keep up folding on your ridiculous piling laundry and letting it grow for a while. It just reminds you of how much clothes you really have and don’t need
  • Your metabolism does quit on you and tells you to F off after a while. Unavoidable you need to work harder.

WISDOM yeah!

And the biggest thing that tells me I definitely indeed got wiser? I ran into one of my ex’s the other day and instantly realized how much WISER (like a genius a-ha moment) I got the moment I got rid of him. Good riddens.

That’s wisdom kids.






The Big !@# Lebowski..

3 May
Cover of "The Big Lebowski (Widescreen Co...

Cover via Amazon

Okay, so Chris and I are minding our business in a t-shirt shop, trying to figure out which custom t-shirt design we’re going to go for to give as a gift for our good buddy’s 30th birthday present. (yay Adam W. Happy birf!)

There are quite a few of them on the wall. In fact we’re pretty overwhelmed. Few of my favorites were:

“Bieber My Balls”

“Hey You Guysss!” (with of course Goonie’s ‘Chuck’s face)

or (my favorite)..

“CHE” *image of this guys famous face and it says:  “who the Fuck are you?!”

Then Chris points to the left and says we should get “the dude”. I look left. I say “wha?” because I have no clue what he is referencing or pointing at. All I see is Jeff Bridges in animation wearing a jesus frock. We’re about to continue our decision-making conversation until…

we get interrupted by a rude fat woman behind us who seems to be waiting for her t-shirts to be completed. She reminds me of Rosie O’Donnel but worse.

She says:

“EXCUSE ME. May I ask if you guys are a couple like are you together-together!?”

Y&C: “yes”…?

WELL. (she looks at Chris) you need to DUMP this woman. DUMP her ASS RIGHT NOW. Who DOESN”T know THE BIG LEBOWSKI?! EVERYONE knows The LEBOWSKI!! (She is staring at Chris, trying to convince him of this and she’s kind of freaking out at this point arms wailing you name it)

Y&C: *no words. we are shocked. we are trying to register this random, loud irritating comment coming from the mouth of this overweight, rude woman who came out of no-where.

Y: Um. Ok.

C: ” I think I will just keep her thanks”

and we move on.

Let me tell you how PISSED off I was at this comment. Several reasons: a) I was enjoying my perfectly good shopping experience and minding my own business, in happy land, only until a complete bitchy stranger decides to break my happy- land-minding- my -own -business moment with a unpleasant shriek of random babble from a Rosie O’Donnell cow lady. b) I am insulted that someone gets to diss me because SORRY i didn’t watch a F’n movie about a pot-smoking-stoned man’s life because its sooooo good, that EVERYONE must have seen it (I’m sure I had other priorities that got in the way thank you). c) You’re telling my fiancée in front of ME, that he needs to dump me?! ARGH I think I’m going to pounce on her!

Sorry that was quite a negative release. as I should mention I was feeling my monthly womanly hormones coming on, so anger was heightened I’m sure. but I feel better now!

Chris and I continue with our business and buy our funny t-shirt. We finally pick “Without ME, it’s just Awso” yes that was the perfect one because that is how we feel about our bud Adam cause he’s pretty awesome yeah!

But we can’t shake off the rude fat lady’s comment as we’re walking home. Then we talk about how much we held our tongue back when really why did we?! That’s it I say!!


But of course it was really too late for us. and we’re feeling bad about ourselves now, because we didn’t get the last word. So we shared what we WOULD HAVE SAID, HAD we had a rewind button (the one that we all can’t wait to be invented)

Snappy Come Back #1: How many months are you due? Congrats! *with genuine big happy smile

Snappy Come Back #2: Excuse me. I have to tell you I got so excited at first because I thought you were Rosie O’Donnell in the store!! I even texted my friends!!

Snappy Come Back #3: Yes. cause if I dump her and get with you… that would seriously be the ultimate Up-Grade.

God we had sooo many! Some were really funny, we were laughing pretty hard until our stomachs hurt. Honestly it could have gone all day but we had to get our ass to Hamilton fast and we were running late.  Snappy Come Backs made me forget all about how rude fat lady  made me so angry. I thought about the Dali Lama and how he wouldn’t approve of these ill-emotions I was feeling over something so stupid and insignificant.

So the lesson is kids: Be full of Snappy Come Backs. Be ready. Cause from now on we’re all about SNAAAPPY COMEBAAAACKS. You just need to think of them before not after.. like us.

Now I have to go rent The Big Lebowski.


Youngabunga xo

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