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Organic Green Leafs of Bamboo

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People, listen up. This is my most treasured page on my blog. Why? Because I have become organically awakened and quite passionate in the last year of how much harm we are actually doing to our bodies and F-ing around with our hormones!

It’s ALL AROUND US. Synthetic chemicals and ingredients that we really don’t need in our everyday products, cosmetics, cleaners and our food. Yeah Yeah, I know what you are thinking –Just another hippie trying to hug my tree. Trust me I ain’t no hippie. Instead I drive a gas gurgling BMW, have fancy designer purses (multiple of them) and feel the need to have over 20 pairs of shoes! (pls stop judging me already)

The truth is I’m not really one of those proactive pro-environment activists that always recycle (I’m so guilty cause I don’t do it all the time) or conscientiously tries to save water and electricity (I do it more so because I want my bills to be lower). No I don’t plant trees, nor do I even want to hug one. But the truth is, I’m getting  much better at all of these things and am respecting the environment more and more everyday. I’m starting to think more sustainability and less abundant consumerization.

The real awakening for me was finding out how my liver was processing my hormones with some health issues I’d be dealing with in the last few years. (No it’s not serious at all, and yes I’m fine to all my friends who might be gasping right now) but I learned all kinds of things that opened my eyes about the cosmetics I was using, or stuff in my shampoo’s that was thinning out my hair, or the hormones in my meat and cheeses that really didn’t need that was all messing up my hormonal balance, making me feel like ass, tired, oh and F-ing up my monthly woman cycle – I basically die each month and somehow come back to life.

So LADIES, especially my ladies read this category if you care about what you’re putting on your face, what your skin is absorbing and what you’re inhaling all around you at home.  I’ve made some signficant changes in my life, new choices in the products I use, where I buy my meat, and I’m so happy to say I’m getting AMAZING RESULTS on how I feel in the inside and with how it’s affected my health issues yippee. 🙂

If you’re a GUY- same crap kids. Your shaving cream, your shampoo that might be making your hair thinner than it can really afford to, know what I’m saying? Applies to you guys too.

Yes you’re welcome in advance. Hope I can help you learn or make you at least more aware!




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