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How to Peel Garlic bulb in less than 10 seconds… for realz.

7 Apr

that, i love entry 3- Fur (brrrr)

5 Jan

Say what?! Did I say FUR? Fur fur fur fur fur. Screw you, I LOVE fur! I love the way it feels on my skin. I love the immense warmth it brings as it hugs my neck, my head when I pull over my fur-lined hood that is attached to my down jacket. I love it I love it I love it and I will not apologize if I offended you furry lovers. If you’re curious, I’m talking about my rabbit fur here.

When did fur also become so faux pas that when we say ‘It’s real fur’, you get people’s faces look like they are constipated as if you killed their cat? Let’s be honest, the imitation fur is really bad. I mean, it really does look like shit. It looks like someone’s dirty plush animal toy that hasn’t been washed in years. And it feels so rough on the skin and ain’t that warm at all. I don’t like it, the technology hasn’t arrived yet, where we can imitate the warmth, and texture of real fur. It’s irreplaceable really.

Let’s back track a bit so there is no misunderstanding.

I love furry animals. All kinds. And I don’t believe in the killing of animals for just the sake of their fur. That does bother me, and I would hate to support any profits made anyone if it’s taking life of our furry creatures only in vain. That isn’t cool. But there are a couple of things and so many arguments I can open up here. We eat cow, so most wear leather too. We eat rabbit (not most but it’s widely available at all butchers), and what happens to their fur? Might as well, just like leather go not wasted. Sustainable, responsible and ethical treatment of animals that is supported by the national wildlife departments is the first source to understand where your fur is coming from in the industry.

Mind you, there are industries in itself that don’t use the by-product of the animals from food sourcing. The cattle industry I also know kill the cows just for their skins not even for their meat. That makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

I know as much as I love fur, I will not ever buy mink, or those exotic animals that clearly are not part of the usual human food chain of meats we consume.

And more importantly kids we’re in Canada. Freakin cold out here. How do you think our native ancestors survived up north without freezing to death? Fur has been a gift. I will wear my rabbit fur responsibly, trusting where it came from and how it was ethically sourced from industry and government guidelines.  Info is never perfect but you can only try your best.

Until I am a vegan one day (really that won’t happen), I may reconsider wearing my beautiful, warm, rabbit hooded-collar coat.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to those who wear the ugly-but functionally warm,  Canada Goose Jackets. Thank the Coyote keeping your heads oh so very warm.

Fur (not all of them) that, I really love.


Youngabunga. xo





that, i love entry 2- Arctic Char Ceviche

13 Dec

Things I love continue, part deux! I’ve now realized that I need to start documenting all moments of endearment and happiness as it happens in real time. I might be laughing at something, eating something, whatever I’m doing, I realized if I don’t log it on my phone its poof.. gone from my mind and as I get older (arrgh) it takes me a while to recall things. But this entry I can tell you, no logging was required, as it stayed with me all night, before I went to bed, and still cherished it in the morning when I woke up.

Last night my husband and I had dinner with an good friend and her lovely fiancee, both visiting from out of town. We recommended Foxley Bistro Restaurant on Ossington. It IS hands down one of my favorite restaurants in the city of Toronto. Every time Chris and I eat there, it never disappoints and is always so god damn good.

It’s asian-fushion tapas style and they always have that smack down right. Every dish there is full of strong wonderful flavours, be it a million diced up shallots caramelized in duck confit, spread over duck breast with sweet soy or how about the pork belly braised until its fat becomes super crispy and has soaked in all the sauce and marinade, leaving you with this salty, buttery taste as it breaks apart in your mouth. I can go on and on. But there is particularity ONE dish at this restaurant that I find myself actually salivating when I think about it. And this, behold, makes entry 2 on my ‘that, i love’ list.

The Arctic Char Ceviche.

Holy dish it is.

When it comes to you at your table, the bright orange florescence of the fish is highlighted by the beautiful gold liquid oil it’s been slowly immersed in, just bathing, having a great time as it knows, its so teasing you, and you can’t resist. Surrounding it, is chopped fresh ginger, finely diced green onion and very, very, thin twig like apple slices just piled on top like a camp side fire.

When you pick up one of the char pieces, each piece is thin and wide. Thinner than a typical sashimi slice, but has that that same texture, just smoother with the oils and at room temperature in your mouth. And it drapes over your chopstick like beautiful blanket.

And the incredible FLAVOUR when it touches your mouth! You get this EXPLOSION of pungent ginger, sweet tangy sourly apple and the sharp savoury green onions on your taste buds mixed all together, like some kind of perfect harmony song. At first, you cannot believe this is happening to you because its nothing like you’ve ever tasted. I almost believe that the combination of these flavours is a some evil genius who created them, knowing that you’d be hooked for life and a slave to it forever.

And a slave I have become of it. And I don’t mind. We, don’t mind. We’ve been trying to figure out each ingredient if we dare try replicating it at home. But me thinks we should not attempt it because I know that the utter joy I feel every time I eat it is one of my favorite things in this world, and if I were to F it up with my own sad version of it, then… ugh I cannot even think it.

The Arctic Char Cheviche at Foxleys, that I love, entry 2.


Youngabunga xoxo

that, i love. entry 1 – Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

6 Dec

I’ve decided to start logging the things once a week that I’ve fallen in love with. Not only will I just merely blog it, but I’m going to describe in every painstaking detail the best I can to convey the absolute joy it brings me. No, I’m not talking about falling in love with people because if I love you, chances are you already know it and have heard enough about it. What I’m talking about is the most random or deliberate things that make you so happy in the moment regardless of how significant or insignificant it is. Just things! Things in this world, that I am just so freakin grateful for because a) it’s released endorphins that has oozed out of my mind or b) gives me the most pleasant feeling of sensation…be it, my tangy taste buds, texture from touch or whatever. We could totally get dirty here, but let’s stay on the PG path shall we?

that, i love entry 1…

Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets.

That’s right. Sheets. The one you sleep on in your bed, every night, at home. Or maybe in a hotel. Where ever you are in the god damn world, just as long as they are once again: Clean. Fresh. Laundry. Sheets. Bonus if they are over 500 TC. And another bonus if you sleep with a down-fill duvet with a down fill king size pillows.

One of the chores I hate the most at home is actually changing the bed sheets. You’ve got all kinds of layers that seem endless. The cover sheet on the mattress, the mattress cover you occasionally have to clean too but not as much, the in between actual sheet itself, then the sheet cover over the duvet, and of course finally the sheet pillow cases not  just the 1 but all 4 of my pillows. That’s like 8 !@# things! And I bet if you work hard enough, with steady pace and focus you’re burning about 40 calories just changing them.

But I dare not complain..because I know, after a little bit of sweat work, all of it, ALL of it will pay off…

… once I slide my self into the Clean. Fresh. Laundered. Sheets. The smell refreshes me entirely. It takes me away to this green fields, where I am frolicking across meadows, and in this vision I also see fuzzy sheep that smile at me and just want hugs. I take deep breaths in multiple times as I submerge myself in the cool, cold feeling of these smooth as silk sheets that envelope me with pure, unconditional love. I then proceed to roll in and plant my face deep into my sleeping pillow and let the soft down fill indent my face and mould it perfectly with my head until it decides when it wants me to sink no more.  I spread my toes and legs out making angels but only without snow, but with this God-given gift of this crazy soft egyptian cotton, allowing me to then wrap myself entirely, layering, each one by one, feeling perfectly still. Perfectly happy. Just perfect.

that, i love entry 1.

Thank your for letting me share this F’d up random joy with you.

youngabunga xo

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