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Inspiring Perspiration

2 Nov

Ok its been a long time. In fact I tried logging in to post my neglected blog and I f’n forgot my password. Then it locked me out and I had to do the wInspirationhole reset bullshit thing. So I get it, I get it, it’s been way too long.

But here I am now! Reading my last post, it was ‘operation skinny bitch’ where I was t-4 weeks to get married. I’m happy to report that the wedding was nothing less than amazing and beautiful. OK it was perfect and we are still patting ourselves in the back for making the best decision we made- on eloping! It was so very spiritual, intimate and so special, it was … well, us. I can’t even share my joys about the most amazing honeymoon in Maui and Lanai, it was better than I even imagined and now we both have settled into our merry ways and just enjoying life very happily.

And so now I am a, well.. MRS. I cannot ever get used to that.  It just came and arrived and now I’m married. We celebrated our reception with friends and family back at home and threw a great party! I’ve never felt so excited to wake up and look at each other that morning of our reception and say “we’re just going to see all our favorite people tonight at a cool venue and throw an awesome party!” Completely stress-free and just excitement. The result: We were all drunk, happy and hilariously in good company. We can’t thank our friends and family enough on making it so special for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Now, on to the topic at hand, now that we got up to speed!

Over a month ago, something magnificent happened to me. I was INSPIRED. The kind of inspiration that makes you sweat. And it was the best kind of inspiration because I was feeling quite good about life. You know the feeling where you think you’re in a good place, or perhaps a great place and then something or someone opens your eyes and makes you see a different kind of LIGHT? And you re-evaluate your place in life and just realize there is sooo much more out there for you? It then became an extension of the good life. Sometimes, each of us need a refreshing life-shower of some kind. The kind that wakes you up because it’s so REFRESHINGLY COOL and delicious, because you’ve been thirsty for so long and had almost forgotten what it feels like. It’s just what you need.

It happened at a media industry event. My friend invited me to  accompany her as she had plans to reunite with an old friend she hadn’t seen in over 12 years. Sounded great, as I could always use a drink anytime. And when I first walked in my eyes kind of rolled as I realized I had just entrapped myself to be with egotistical, arrogant media-rich people who blah blah blah’s the usual irritation out of me. I judge too quickly when I’m not drunk yet. I do apologize.

But I wasn’t completely right, I instead met some of the most fascinating people that evening.

I was, well surrounded by inspiring entrepreneurs. All with stories of rags to riches, stories of I-used-to-eat-kraft dinner to now I’m-buying-this-$300-bottle-of-Champagne-because-I-can.

And it was so exhilarating to hear them share with me their journey. I was glued to them, because I wanted to absorb all that was wise and experienced coming from their mouths. When I finally  shared with one entrepreneur gentleman my own passion of starting my own organic skin-care line they jumped on me like white on rice and YELLED at me that I HAD to TAKE RISK, HAVE TO JUMP. HAVE TO NOT BE SCARED. DO IT!!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He had the most fierce and intense look and he stared right into my retina as he got his message in my brain.

I was listening. Intently. Nodding.

Our chat turned into a 2 hour conversation. Even his PR people were hounding him to leave as they had another social business obligation to attend  But he didn’t leave me just yet, as he made it very clear to his people that this conversation with me was way too important and that he just might be influencing me to change my life, change my thinking.. change my fears into dreams. It really was one of the best conversations of my life that I will never forget and I will always be grateful for it.

Time to time, we all need a little kick in the butt, a little dunk in cold water, maybe hot water. I just needed inspiring encouragement and I was lucky to have found it that evening.

And so my little business project begins. On the side, while I enjoy my current career day job, which I love doing as a marketer. But I’m going for more. I’m going to experiment, take risks, and just enjoy the process of both failures and successes as I see my side project through. But most of I’m having FUN as passion brings better adventures that add so much more, it’s an extension of me but only better!

Thank you Mr. Inspiring Entrepreneur man from that odd evening. If I become a multi-millionaire, I will invite you on my Board of Directors as I have your card. I hope that you read about me one day  in O-magazine and you can take significant credit for my self-discovery.. just not all of it!





We are what we eat. And your skin definitely eats too..

2 Apr
Cosmetics at Central Department Store Lardprao.

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Listen up my smart, intelligent pets, this post is some good education!

Any post under the ‘Organically U’ page category will be a subject matter that I’m most passionate about. Specifically educating woman about being more consciously aware about whats in their beauty products and cosmetics. If you are a man reading this, don’t dismiss so early as it applies just the same to you on your shampoos, body cleansers etc. (God you might be slowly growing ‘moobs’ and you don’t know why)

Did you know that over 60% of what you topically apply ON your skin (our most biggest organ) gets ABSORBED into your blood stream? Totally true. If you think about that a bit more then it’s kind of gross once you realize how many toxic chemicals are in the everyday products you use. Some of you might be shaking your head not believing how dangerous it could be.  Questions such as well Young, how could Health Canada let that happen, what about the FDA? Come on.

Well, yes they do their job regulating as much as possible, so that you won’t DIE from heavy toxins in products, but the truth is so many ingredients from preservatives and synthetic hormones in the long run can pretty much mess up your own hormonal balance,  even can link to cancers! YES CANCER!  And the goverment unfortunately does not regulate too well and companies get away of using cheap chemical ‘filler’s in products as shortcuts which are toxic to our health. And if say your liver is not functioning up to par, since its always working so hard to combat everything else in your lifestyle– your late alcohol consumption, everyday pollution you inhale, your crappy diet perhaps, and then you’re kind of topping  it off by using the products you think you can’t live without – all that have harsh chemicals that your body absorbs and which your liver also has to deal with and says gee thank you very much.

The biggest thing I’ve realized is that our hormones if not balanced, can really mess up so many other things- bad acne, mood swings (ladies know what I’m talking about), uterine fibroids & cysts, weight gain to name a few.

And so, occasionally I will be posting helpful information here on my blog, that I’ve learned from research and sources, so that it can hopefully help you make better choices of the products you consume and start buying products from businesses that believe in ethical non-toxic ingredients, and natural sources.

One of the first things to get us started on this, is that I first want you to get familiar with the nasty, dirty Ingredients in your everyday products and to start looking out for those listed here:  Mr. David Suzuki get’s it and that’s what makes him so sexy.

First Nasty Ingredient We Will Focus On For This Week is..

“PARABENS” (this nasty chemical is IN SOOOO MANY of our products we apply. Go look at the back of something and find it $100 bucks it’s in something on the shelf of your bathroom!)

Related Ingredients

Methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben are some of the most common parabens in cosmetics. Other chemicals in this class generally have “paraben” in their names (e.g., isobutylparaben, ethylparaben, etc.).

Parabens easily penetrate the skin. ii The European Commission on Endocrine Disruption has listed parabens as Category 1 priority substances, based on evidence that they interfere with hormone function. iii Parabens can mimic estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. They have been detected in human breast cancer tissues, suggesting a possible association between parabens in cosmetics and cancer. Parabens may also interfere with male reproductive functions. iv In addition, studies indicate that methylparaben applied on the skin reacts with UVB leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage. v,vii

 In love and health,


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