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How to Peel Garlic bulb in less than 10 seconds… for realz.

7 Apr

Oh-my-Goodness Kale Chips!

5 Mar

One of my greatest friends Lisa, introduced me to ‘kale chips’. She made them at home and brought them over for me to munch on because she is just so lovely like that. Or more so, I told her I was freakin starving and to bring me whatever food she had at her place. Since then, I had craved them, not only are they delicious, but seriously such a HEALTHY SNACK you can bite on instead of grabbing for the salting fatty bag of potato chips!

I decided I was going to make them too for myself and just alter some of the seasoning to experiment a bit. DELICIOUS!  Lisa says mine are much better than hers, but not sure I agree. You really can’t F. these up.

Here is my recipe and I guarantee you will love them and feel guilt free as you eat ’em all up!

The goods:

– 1 bunch of organic Kale (if available) or 2 bunches if for a big crowd
– Paprika
– Freshly grind Sea Salt of any kind (right now I’m into the pink one from the Himalaya’s)
– olive oil in a misto spray can (you want the mist of the oil easy to apply and not get them too oily. (The Misto can is awesome you can fill it with oil and it pumps using air pressure)

What you do:

– rinse the kale ahead if you can and ensure they are fully dry. If you wash them as you go, that is fine, just ensure you have an absorbent towel to dry each leaf
– tear off bite size pieces. Not too small, big enough about the size of your thumb in diameter
– avoid the bottom white stemmy pieces as I find them a bit too bitter. The green leaves are the nice peppery sweet parts
– spread them on a baking sheet and spray first the Olive oil lightly all over, then toss in the Sea Salt and Paprika

Bake them at 350 degrees

And after around 15 min you get these light crispy chips that are super fun to eat.  Remember you can throw in all kinds of spices you want, I bet even Cumin taste interesting too.

Enjoy Guilt Free!


Arugula, Prosciuitto, Fig Gorgonzola Salad!

3 Mar

Okay so I really don’t enjoy eating salads. Like I hate them at times and only eat them because in some conscious effort I’ve convinced myself at the time that I should be ingesting more greens, yada yada yada. And I’ve come to the realization that I only enjoy eating salads when they are pretty damn special and doesn’t taste like ass grass.

This one is DELICIOUS! It has all the right tantalizing ingredients that make my palette sing a song.

The goods:

— Organic Arugula salad. Or if you can’t stand it then try a mix of baby spinach and arugula together

— prosciutto thin slices (3 of them). All you do is bake them in the oven around 365 degrees for about 15 min or less until they are crispy

— Dried Figs. Just slice them into thin pieces just a few as they are quite pungent in flavour.

— Gorgonzola cheese, just little pieces for a bit of punch or if you can’t stand that, then Goat cheese works fine.

The Dressing:

— Balsamic vinegar 2 generous Tablespoons

— Light olive oil x 2 parts of the ratio of the balsamic above

– 1 tsp of Dijon mustard

Mix it vigorously until emulsified with a fork.

toss in the salad with the baked prosciutto chips, figs and cheese and VOILA you got yourself a beautiful, sophisticated yummy salad that you’ll actually love.

high five.

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